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Using git-tfs in anger

While I was on a TFS project I experimented with git-tfs, to see if it would ease my pain.

Never Use TFS

I've just spent three months using TFS, for the first time, on an enterprise scale project, and I've come to the conclusion that TFS should never be used ever.

The specified named connection is either not found in the configuration, not intended to be used with the EntityClient provider, or not valid.

There are many possible causes of this .NET Entity Framework error, but here's one that caught me out.

Using TryUpdateModel in .NET MVC

In some legacy code I came across a controller that uses the built-in .NET method TryUpdateModel(). Is this method good practice, and how you you unit test a controller that uses it?

Copying hashes from gitk to the clipboard in Windows

Do you use windows, cygwin, and git, and does gitk annoy you like crazy when you try to copy and paste commit hashes?

Working remotely as part of a development team

A few people have asked about how I cope working with a team in not only another country but another timezone

Quick tip: Adding NPM dependencies

Use the --save option when installing node modules

WDCNZ Mega-Short Summary

Last month I went to the Wellington web dev conference WDCNZ and it was truely awesome